Xan's Ultimate Photos June 96

Believe it or not, these are just the good ones. I tried two methods of picture-taking. Shooting from the sidelines resulted in mainly far-away shots since the camera has no zoom. Clicking while playing resulted in out-of-focus, off-center shots, not to mention poor play on my part. Next time I'll try shooting from the field without playing.

Val goes for the block.

I took this one as I was making a catch. Nice artsy shot of the shade tree.

A rare show of team effort on the pull.

Chris milks the catch, but doesn't make the end-zone.

Jeff, Joe and Chris coming right at me!

Who got this one: Joe or Andrew?

Peter works hard to break Joe's smoothering mark.

Looks like George over Jeff(?) for the catch with Nathan breaking.

Lynette marks Michelle.

I think this one just went off of Maria's fingertips.

Distant view of the action.

Andy looks for a receiver.

George (or was it Lars) sends one over to Pete.

Rob has the disc and seems to be looking long.

Mike(?) and Chris chase the disc as the spectators look on.

Chris catches the score (see cone on left) as George, Joe and Peter close.

George White-shoes goes for the grab as his defender follows close behind.