Howdy Neighbor!

We're all neighbors on this planet, aren't we?
I'm Xan Gregg, a Macintosh programmer and Ultimate Frisbee player living in Durham, NC. Send mail [updated] and say hello.


Here are some photos I've taken with my QuickTake 150 digital camera.

68K. Me, sitting in my home office.

80K. My wife, Bonnie, wouldn't sit for a photo, so here's her preserved wedding bouquet instead.

68K. The shed that I built behind my house.

32K. Some of the action at a recent ultimate game. If you like that one, try a whole page of recent ultimate photos.

Here are some recent ultimate photos from June of 96.

Files - From Me to You


YesNoCancel is a freeware Macintosh control panel I wrote to allow users to hit dialog buttons using the keyboard. I wrote it because I liked to keep my hands at the keyboard when I got the "Save Changes? Yes/No/Cancel" dialog after hitting Cmd-W (Close) or Cmd-Q (Quit). Generally you can just type the first letter of a button name to press the button. You can download [not any more] the latest version (1.2.1) from here. It's only 16K!

Programmer's Challenge

MacTech Magazine has a Programmer's Challenge column each month in which the challenge is to write some code to perform some action as quickly as possible. I've entered six times this year and won three. Here you can find the source code for each of my entries.

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